Business Assurance - DNV GL

With more than 70,000 certificates issued worldwide, our name evokes a strong commitment to safety, quality, and concern for the environment. For years, we have been the preferred certification partner for many Fortune 500 companies, as well as for medium and smaller businesses.   

With our extensive local presence, consolidated global experience across industries and acknowledged technical competence, we are an ideal partner for companies in all sectors. We partner with our customers to help them create value while meeting the world’s economic, social and environmental needs.

Through our certification, verification, assessment and training services, we assure the performance of our customers’ organizations, products, people, facilities, and supply chains.  Working with companies in most industries, and some of the world’s leading brands, in practice, we are virtually everywhere. 

Our main assurance services are:

  • Management system certification – Having issued over 70,000 certificates.
  • Supply Chain Management – Addressing risk in every link from raw material to final product.
  • Product assurance – Ensuring access to global markets and more sustainable products.
  • Verification – Ensuring compliance to rules and regulations.
  • Certification of persons – Creating trust in individual competences.
  • Training – For quality, safety, environment and corporate responsibility issues.

While working with companies in every business sector, we have a particular strategic focus on the food & beverage, healthcare and automotive & aerospace sectors. 

We take the quality and integrity of our employees and services we deliver to our customers very seriously. Our company purpose is to safeguard life, property and the environment. Thus, we partner with our customers for their challenges today, while taking a broader view of tomorrow. Our strategy is to incorporate “Sustainability in everything we do”. Made real through the services we deliver today and work to deliver tomorrow, we contribute to DNV GL’s vision of a safe and sustainable future. 

Every day, we work with customers around the world to build sustainable business performance and stakeholder trust, guided by our promise to be focused on your future.

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Business Assurance - DNV GL

We deliver certification, assessment, verification and training services to assure the performance of companies’ organisations, persons, products, facilities and supply chains.  

Executive Leadership Team

The Executive Leadership Team is the CEO’s management team, dealing with strategic issues, budgeting, planning and operations. Members are:

  • Luca Crisciotti, Chief Executive Officer
  • Jahn Henry Løvaas, Executive Director for Europe & Americas
  • Nikolaus Kim, Executive Director for Asia, Middle East & Africa
  • Barbara Frencia, Finance Director
  • Yngvar Sjoner, Human Resources Director
  • Stefano Crea, Industries Director
  • Emanuele Sevà, Market Director
  • Shahram Ghaem Maralani, Technology & Services Director

Regional managers

  • Anders Lindgren, ​North America ​
  • Adriano Duarte, Central & South America
  • Massimo Berlin, ​Northern Europe
  • ​Per Ove Øyberg, ​Central Europe
  • ​Nicola Privato, ​Southern Europe
  • ​Alireza Ramin Majd, ​Middle East & Africa
  • George Kang, Greater China
  • Percy Lakdawalla, Asia & Pacific
  • Prakash Tikare, India, Sri Lanka & Bangladesh