Free WOBI membership

Business Assurance - DNV GL

Activating your free of charge membership to WOBI is quick and easy; just follow these few steps:

  1. Enter your registration code: Z6I5RRT9HF in www.wobi.com/wobi-corporate
  2. Create your personal account and complete registration
  3. (after registration) Use your email and password to enter from www.wobi.com
  4. Enjoy your membership for 2015


What is WOBI and why be a member?
WOBI (The World Business Forum organizer) is the most innovative and inspiring digital platform with hundreds of articles and videos from the world’s most influential business leaders. The WOBI membership gives you access to this amazing knowledge sharing platform for the entire 2015.

Are there any costs involved?
Activation and utilization of your membership is completely free of charge for you. At the end of 2015 your membership will automatically expire and you will no longer have access to it.

What does the WOBI membership allow me to do?
Once activated, you own a WOBI Plus membership allowing you full access to the entire library of videos and articles from the most reputable business leaders. In addition, you can also access the WOBI magazine’s print and digital editions (Spanish only) and the subtitled episodes from WOBI TV.

Is DNV GL also paying for eventual membership upgrades?
No, in case you desire to upgrade your membership (e.g. to Premium), these costs will not be covered by DNV GL.

I have difficulties in completing the registration or navigating the platform: who can I contact for support?
Send us an email at viewpoint@dnvgl.com and we will promptly get back to you.