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Accreditation, Certification & Training

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The DNV GL NIAHO® accreditation program is more than just another way to validate Medicare compliance. It is a complete foundation for quality management. One that reverses the “gotchya” mentality of old-style surveys, and engages everyone—from top management to front-line staff—to contribute new ideas. So why not embrace a new approach that offers more value and less hassel? One that truly unleashes the potential of your commitment to quality and patient safety.

Our Services: Addressing the continuum of care

Our accreditation programs directly address CMS requirements and our certification programs leverage the guidance and best practices of clinical specialty organizations across healthcare.

  • US Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
  • Brain Attack Coalition
  • American Heart Association
  • International Organization of Standardization
  • World Health Organization
Our NIAHO® standards rewrote the book on how to get more out of hospital accreditation. Annual surveys help lower the stress on staff and dramatically boosts your level of readiness. We've incorporating the ISO 9001 process standard - ideally suited to complex, people-powered businesses - into our accreditation. The more variables and inter-dependencies in you organization, the more relevant ISO becomes. As DNV GL hospitals often say, ISO provides the structure for the staff to focus on common goals, like patient care and safety. ISO puts everyone on the same page, turning individuals into teams, and teams into high-performance enterprises.

About DNV GL Healthcare

DNV GL Healthcare is a part of DNV GL - Business Assurance, all of which is a part of the global DNV GL Group. Our mission in Business Assurance is to help complex organizations achieve sustainable business performance. Our services help simplify organizational processes and validate your commitment to excellence.

Within healthcare, we help our customers achieve excellence by improving quality and patient safety through hospital accreditation, managing infection risk, management system certification, clinical program certification, and training.

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Accreditation, Certification & Training

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