DNV GL Healthcare Customer Marketing Materials

We want to help you communicate to your community your hospital accreditation, specialty certification, and/or credentialing.

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DNV GL Healthcare is dedicated to supporting hospitals in their quest to improve performance and communicate openly with patients, employees, and the media. In that effort, we have developed a series of ready-to-go marketing materials that you may find helpful.

Your Certificate

The first formal acknowledgement of your DNV GL hospital accreditation is the "Certificate of Accreditation," which you will receive directly from DNV GL Healthcare after successful completion of your first survey. This certificate will be emailed to your hospital's primary contact in PDF format.

Accreditation, Certification, and Credentialing Symbols and Press Releases

We provide a series of distinctive DNV GL Healthcare Symbols of Excellence for each of our programs to help you promote your organization's accomplishments.

Another great way to promote your certification is through press releases. We a simple template that can be customized with your own quotes and organizational information. Each accreditation, certification, and credentialing program has it's own Symbol of Excellence and Press Release available for download below.