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Globe with stethoscope as banner image for Palliative Care Program Certification

Leveraging Hospital Accreditation For Continuous Quality Improvement

Hospitals and healthcare systems are continuously impelled to improve quality of care while cutting costs – all the while keeping patients satisfied. A new pathway for achieving such goals has emerged: The hospital/healthcare system’s accrediting body.

DNV GL Healthcare, the fastest-growing and now second-largest accrediting body in the U.S., helps providers employ ISO 9001, a quality management system originally created in the manufacturing sector but adapted such that it is very befitting for the healthcare field. Its use by hospitals and healthcare systems is now one of the significant ways they can improve their operations and perform better in Balanced Scorecard metrics.

An academic investigation by researchers at Michigan State, James Madison and Miami Universities have also obtained a better understanding of how the accreditation process can improve the quality of care at hospitals and improve the morale of nursing and other professional staffs.

Join us as we discuss this data, and how hospitals can leverage the accreditation process to improve their operations and the care their patients are receiving in the HealthcareWebSummit event: Leveraging Hospital Accreditation For Continuous Quality Improvement, co-sponsored by DNV GL Healthcare with distinguished faculty: Dr. William (Bill) J. Ritchie, Ph.D, James Madison University; Roger McReynolds, Mohawk Valley Health Systems; Patrick Horine, DNV GL Healthcare and Moderator Ron Shinkman, Healthcare Journalist..