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Unconventional Paths to Reducing Patient Readmission

Hospitals have been bedeviled in recent years by patient readmissions. They often cost acute care providers tens of thousands of dollars per patient, as the Medicare program and even private payers have aggressively moved to impose financial penalties. 

The general advice for reducing readmissions is all over the map, and it is becoming increasingly clear that what might work for a specific hospital or healthcare system may not work for another. Payer mix, social determinants of a patient's health and a variety of other factors can come into play, and can dramatically shift from community to community. 

CoxHealth, a six-hospital system in southwest Missouri, spent years trying to follow industry "best practices" to try and reduce its rate of readmissions, but to no avail. Instead, it created a successful readmission reduction program by closely analyzing its own discharge data, identifying high-risk patients and creating a focused, proactive readmissions reduction program in conjunction with local first responders. The result was a double-digit drop in readmissions. 

Please join DNV GL Healthcare CEO Patrick Horine and Amanda Hedpeth, Kari DiCianni and Jared Graves of CoxHealth as they discuss CoxHealth system's journey as part of the HealthcareWebSummit event, Unconventional Paths To Reducing Patient Readmissions. 

After attending this webinar, attendees will be able to: 

  • Understand how hospitals and healthcare systems should use own their patient data when constructing readmission prevention and other quality of care programs.
  • Identify potential strategies and tools when addressing patient readmissions.
  • Understand how electronic medical records can be used to identify at-risk patients.
  • Learn how to work with other key community members, such as local first responders, when improving quality of care.
  • Learn to properly identify and manage patient data that correlates to quality of care.
  • Learn to properly identify and manage patients that are at risk for readmissions.
  • Customize a readmissions reduction program.
  • Collaborate with accrediting agencies to improve the quality of care

Presentation Materials for November 15th, 2018 Webinar

Unconventional Paths to Reducing Patient Readmissions

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CoxHealth Case Study - Accreditation & ISO 9001 Aligns with Organizational Strategy and Helps Reduce Patient Readmissions