Innovative Ideas to Improve Quality from DNV GL Healthcare Accredited Hospitals

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Creative hospital leaders can and do leverage accreditation 

  1. Self Regional Healthcare in South Carolina used ISO 9001 to revamp its system for procuring pharmaceuticals. As a result, it became eligible for the 340B federal drug purchasing program, yielding annual savings of $3 million. Internal customer satisfaction scores also improved.
  2. Charleston Area Medical Center in West Virginia increased early drug interventions among ischemic stroke patients by nearly 500 percent.
  3. The CoxHealth hospital system in Missouri used data analytics to identify a cohort of high-risk patients and was able to reduce emergency room visits among them by 16 percent and returns to the emergency room after a visit by 20 percent.
  4. Cherokee Nation Health System in Oklahoma was able to increase patient safety through regular risk reviews in the operating rooms and elsewhere within its hospitals, and addressed an epidemic of hepatitis C through aggressive testing and pharmaceutical interventions.
  5. Sentara Halifax Regional Hospital in Virginia reduced its use of patient restraints in the intensive care unit by 95 percent, and also reduced accidental patient extubations (removal of breathing tubes) by two-thirds.

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