ACI 11th Annual Stroke Centers of Excellence

Tour Glendale Adevntist and meet the Stroke Team

A doctor and medical staff in an examination room as the Banner image for Stroke Care Certification Programs

Event Information

ACI is excited to announce their 11th National Stroke Centers of Excellence conference September 21-23, 2016. A dedicated forum to learn and network with representatives from organizations nationwide that are prepared to deliver superior service to a growing population.

This event will be an exploration of techniques to better equip stroke centers with the latest strategies and advancements in medical technology through real case studies, research findings and organizational models from renowned stroke and neurology programs. The top neuroscience centers in the country will showcase their successes and share strategies in achieving excellence in patient care as well as the business of stroke care.

Glendale Adventist will be featured on the conference tour and the Stroke team, certified by DNV GL Healthcare, will be presenting their unique stroke model. They are one of the few hospitals that have a building dedicated to Stroke and Cardiac care.

Stroke Centers of Excellence Tour - featuring Glendale Adventist and DNV GL Healthcare

DNV GL Healthcare Workshop

  • Time
  • 12:00p -2:00p

    DNV GL Healthcare Stroke Center Programs

    An overview of DNV GL Healthcare followed by Cathie Abrahamsen and a technical surveyor(s) presenting our Stroke programs


    Cathie Abrahamsen

    Chief Clinical Officer

    Glendale Adventist Hospital

Pre-Tour Glendale Presentation

  • Time
  • 2:00p -2:45p

    Glendale Adventists Stroke Program and Metrics

    The Glendale Adventist Stroke team will present their unique Stroke Model

Stroke Centers of Excellence Conference Tour: Glendale Adventist

  • Time
  • 3:00p -5:00p

    Glendale Adventists Stroke Program and Metrics

    Conference attendees will travel to Glendale Adventists to see the full presentation presented by the Glendale Adventists Stroke team.