Use DNV GL to obtain a US Flag


DNV GL is fully recognized and authorized by the US Coast Guard under ACP.

Use DNV GL for full compliance with all you need to operate a US -flagged vessel: US Coast Guard's supplemental requirements, international conventions and class rules.


The US Coast Guard's Alternate Compliance Program (ACP) is intended to reduce the regulatory burden on the maritime industry while maintaining existing levels of safety and providing increased flexibility in the construction and operation of U.S. flag vessels. Instead of full compliance with Codes of Federal Regulations (CFRs), the ACP consists of class rules, International Conventions, and an approved U.S. Supplement that together form an alternative that is equivalent to the CFR.

DNV GL has the most compete set of authorizations from the US Coast Guard (USCG) under this program.

Compliance with this equivalent alternative standard is administered through surveys and inspections conducted by authorized classification society surveyors.A Certificate of Inspection (COI) is issued by the Coast Guard to a vessel enrolled in the ACP based upon the classification society reports.

Owners have expressed a desire to freely choose classification society for US flagged ships and we know there are many owners, designers, operators and yards that would prefer to work with DNV GL. The alternate compliance program is how they can do so and be confident in the entire regulatory process.

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