Battery and hybrid ships

We provide independent analysis, verification and validation services, as well as training courses on maritime battery systems.

All electric and hybrid ships with energy storage in large Li-ion batteries can provide significant reductions in fuel cost, maintenance and emissions as well as improved responsiveness, regularity and safety.

DNV GL’s Maritime Advisory provides decision-making support to ship owners, designers, yards and vendors for making vessels ready for future battery retrofit or battery operation today.

Based on technical and financial feasibility studies, we help you select the best option according to your operational and environmental requirements.

Our battery services cover:

  • Training course – Introduction to maritime battery systems
  • Technical, economic and environmental analyses of power systems
  • Battery Ready service for retrofits and new buildings
  • Battery sizing and optimisation analyses
  • Battery gassing, fire and explosion analyses
  • Battery room risk analysis facilitation
  • Qualification of battery-related systems
  • Requirement specification assessment and design review
  • Risk analyses (FMECA/HAZID)
  • Test planning, management and execution
  • Independent quality assurance, verification and validation
  • Performance instrumentation, measurements and analyses of battery powered ships
  • Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing of battery management systems

DNV GL Maritime Advisory can assist you all the way from planning, concept design and approval in principle to a final business risk and safety risk analysis as required by DNV GL class requirements.

Choose to have a reliable, competent partner on your side – choose DNV GL:

  • Decision-making support to ensure minimum investment and operational cost
  • A second pair of eyes to spot errors/weaknesses early, and save quality costs
  • Increased confidence for the owner, charterer, investor and other stakeholders
  • Independent and credible battery service life assessment
  • Cost reductions from optimisation of engine size vs. battery size
  • Enlarged negotiation power towards battery vendors
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