To enhance the environmental performance and energy efficiency of your ships, join DNV GL’s Triple-E rating scheme.


Triple-E is a voluntary environmental and energy efficiency rating scheme for ships. It provides a rating from 4 to 1 (1 being the highest) and is based on an independent verification of a ship’s environmental performance. Each rating level demonstrates a distinct level of efficiency for vessel and company, and provides a transparent, thorough and detailed picture of environmental performance and standards.

For ship owners and operators, Triple-E is a highly efficient self-improvement tool. It prepares your vessel for emerging rules and regulations and allows you to brand yourself as an environmental pioneer. Triple-E has been successfully used by tanker, container and ro-ro ship operators.

To ensure that Triple-E is internationally recognised as a sign of environmental excellence, the information required for a ranking is based on reliable and verifiable facts. The following key parameters have been chosen as fundamental elements:

  • Environmental management systems in place and implemented
  • Energy efficient operation as part of policies, action plans and daily operations
  • Energy efficient ship design
  • Verifiable monitoring, measurements and documentation schemes

How Triple-E works

A Triple-E rating is achieved via DNV GL’s verification of your self-assessment according to a given set of requirements.

Each of the Triple-E rating levels - 4, 3, 2 and 1 - has a list of requirements covering the areas of management, operation and design. To reach a specific rating level, your vessel and company need to show compliance with all the requirements stated for that particular level as well as the levels below it.

The table below provides an overview of the requirements for each level: 

A detailed specification of all Triple-E requirements is provided to clients entering the rating scheme. This includes any amendments to the scheme to account for emerging regulations.

Use Triple-E to move your vessels ahead

The Triple-E environmental and energy efficiency rating scheme for ships has been developed in close cooperation with the industry. It provides you with a well-documented tool that:

  • Improves organisational performance
  • Identifies ways to minimise the environmental impact
  • Optimises fuel consumption and thereby reduces cost

Triple-E also offers many additional benefits, allowing you to:

  • Stay at the forefront of green shipping rules and regulations
  • Demonstrate active environmental management and energy efficient transportation of goods, verified by an independent third party
  • Focus on factors that can be influenced by the ship owner and operator, thereby facilitating a process of continuous improvement
  • Prove environmental responsibility and energy efficient operations to brand the vessel and the company’s environmental performance
Furthermore, it is anticipated that, in the future, vessels with a documented environmental performance will also qualify for incentive schemes and other related initiatives from ports and local administrations.

More about Triple-E

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Polarcus received world’s first Level 1 Triple-E rating

Triple-E™ is a voluntary environmental rating scheme for ships with a rating from Level 4 to Level 1, where 1 is the highest

Use Triple-E to move your vessels ahead

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