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World-leading verification and testing services for control systems.

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Odd Charles Hestnes Captain Odd Charles Hestnes
Head of Control Systems and Cybernetics Advisory

Software errors and system integration problems can quickly develop into non-productive time, equipment damage, incidents or accidents. Through our Marine Cybernetics services and proven hardware-in-the-loop(HIL) testing processes, we support you with profound insights into the design and functionality of your integrated control systems, and ensure transparency and dialogue between equipment manufacturers, the yard, owner and charterer.

We secure asset efficiency and safety at sea

The level of automation on today’s assets has changed, and new IT infrastructures and technologies have modernized the way in which the industry manages operational assets. A large number of operational and safety-critical processes are now controlled by sophisticated and complex software . DNV GL has been the market leader in the certification of control systems for several decades. With the introduction of the Marine Cybernetics service line, DNV GL has acquired a unique position to ensure the safety and robustness of such systems, with hands-on testing and verification experience, and can offer an extensive toolbox for control system software testing, including HIL simulators and interface technology, network testing and analysis, debugging of integration issues and cybersecurity testing.

Our testing services are built on our own HIL simulator technology, which is leading in its field and unique in the market. HIL testing is a well proven test methodology from the automotive, avionics, space and other industries. It targets the software part of the control system, and is performed in the lab, at the manufacturer or quayside without the need for costly vessel downtime. We have more than ten years of experience in the HIL testing of control system software, drawing on 150 years of experience providing asset risk management and technical advisory. We serve customers from various industries utilizing the benefits of HIL in their business for the design, construction and operational phases of an asset.

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Verification and testing services for control systems

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