DNV GL rules for classification: Offshore – July 2017

Below follows an overview of new and updated Offshore Classification rules and standards, available from July 2017 with an entry into force date for classification purposes on 1 January 2018. Please contact your local DNV GL office for further information.

New DNV GL rules for classification: Offshore units:

  • DNVGL-RU-OU-0503: Offshore fish farming units/installations Defining a classification service and establishing a technical design basis for offshore fish farms. Revised offshore standards and statutory interpretations.
  • DNVGL-OS-D203: Integrated software dependent systems (ISDS). Based on a continuous dialogue with owners, yards and suppliers, this document has been updated to modernize and make the scope of the voluntary ISDS notation more attractive to more business segments.
  • DNVGL-OS-B101: Metallic materials. An alignment with the recently updated DNV GL rules for classification: Ships, IACS unified requirements and further improvements, supporting efficiency and effectiveness of offshore NB projects following the maritime execution model.
  • DNVGL-OS-C401: Fabrication and testing of offshore structures
  • DNVGL-SI-0166: Verification for compliance with Norwegian shelf regulations. Include NORSOK R-002 in scope for the DRILL(N) and WELL(N) notations ensuring compliance with PSA lifting equipment regulations. Minor updates in offshore standards to reflect changes to DNVGL-OS-B101 and DNVGL-OS-C401.
  • DNVGL-OS-C104: Structural design of self-elevating units - LRFD method – Extra high strength steel (EHS) included – Material designations tables updated
  • DNVGL-OS-C101: Design of offshore steel structures, general - LRFD method.
  • DNVGL-OS-C201: Structural design of offshore units - WSD method.