Asset integrity management

Meeting increasing demands safely and responsibly

IMP & Regulatory support


Smarter IMP management

Planning and carrying out integrity management programs (IMP) requires a full understanding of regulations, industry practices, pipeline operations, materials science, and the mechanisms involved with program implementation (i.e. assessment methods, maintenance/remediation, data integration, trending, etc.).

Our approach is augmented by an in-depth knowledge and understanding of pertinent codes and regulations to include  ASME B31.8S and STP-PT-011, and API standards 1160, 579, 1104, 1163, 1173, 1176, and 1177.

Planning – Threat screening and assessment, consequence modeling, implementation

Program validation, benchmarking and audits, gap analysis of existing program

Interpretation and application of standards, regulations, and industry practices

Regulatory compliance, consultation and support
    - Corrective Action Order (CAO) response
    - DOT closure reports
    - Compliance waivers

Process and procedures audits

Industry best practices

Data and document management
    - Data mining
    - Data management software
    - Document management processes and tools
    - Corr MD™ internal corrosion tracking and integration software
    - Synergi™ integrity management software

Routine on-site secondment of qualified integrity engineers

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Tara Podnar McMahan

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