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Managing vintage pipe


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We utilize an effective mixture of expertise grounded in research science, engineering and pipeline operations.  Our staff is well-versed in pipe manufacturing methods and testing, seamweld characterization, and construction properties and practices common to early vintage pipelines.  We can identify and analyze unusual or vintage materials, joints or components.

And through years of pipe analysis in both field and laboratory conditions, we have developed an expansive database of line pipe properties that aids us in assessing material and construction properties of virtually all types of vintage pipe.

We can help to identify threats unique to older pipelines and recommend ways in which to mitigate those threats for improved safety, extended asset life, more reliable operations, and regulatory compliance.  In cases of un-piggable vintage pipelines, our pigging SME’s can recommend steps to make the lines piggable or conduct alternative assessment measures such as direct assessment.

Verifying pipeline material records and MOP/MAOP can be an undue burden on integrity staff.  Through our verification work with major pipeline operators, we’ve mastered efficiencies, software tools, and methodologies in data mining and document management.  Our expertise can be used to position your verification program onto a sound, defensible foundation.

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Andrew Reid Lutz

Andrew Reid Lutz

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