Anti-fouling systems

Anti Fouling Systems

Make sure that you are compliant with the AFS Convention adopted by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

In shipping, it is essential to ensure all anti-fouling systems are compliant with the International Convention on the control of harmful Anti-Fouling Systems (AFS) to protect the environment from toxic substances.

DNV GL has been entrusted to handle the control of harmful anti-fouling systems under the AFS Convention on behalf of several flag state administrations.

The key elements of the convention for your ships and assets are:

  • Ban of application, re-application, installation and use of AFS containing organotin compounds acting as a biocide (TBT)
  • Ships must carry an International Anti-Fouling System (IAFS) Certificate as evidence of compliance with the convention

At DNV GL, dedicated specialists provide you with technical support that enables you to handle the control of your anti-fouling system. Our services consist of document review, inspection and testing. Additionally, we certify compliance of EU-flagged ships and ships intended for trade in EU waters.

We help you demonstrate your green credentials. You gain: 

  • Globally recognised DNV GL expertise and certification
  • Smart and efficient compliance assessment processes
  • Clean and compliant ships

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