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Blade design and wind turbine aerodynamics

Blade design and wind turbine aerodynamics

Achieve maximum performance for new and existing wind turbine blade designs.

Creating optimal new wind turbine designs or improving existing assets are complex challenges that require a huge array expertise and tools. For maximum performance, you need to consider an integrated design that looks at the entire turbine systems as a whole; not just individual components. In most cases, having all the necessary knowledge and resources in-house just isn’t feasible financially.

Cover all angles of your turbine blade
By working with DNV GL, you can ease the challenge of maximizing wind turbine performance. We offer a complete range of design services for rotor aerodynamics covering both new and existing designs.

  • Aerodynamic design for new rotors:
    • Define operating constraints and specifications.
    • Create integrated design to optimize aerodynamic performance and LCOE.
    • Evaluate different designs for LCOE, aerodynamic performance, structural efficiency and loads.
  • Reviewing existing designs:
    • Analyse blade design with our sophisticated software tools.
    • Identify problem areas.
    • Recommend improvements.

Independent expertise and advanced tooling
DNV GL is an independent partner with nearly a decade of experience in blade design and aerodynamics. We combine an unrivaled track record in mechanical engineering and energy services with specialist expertise in fluid dynamics and advanced computational fluid dynamics (CFD), enabling the evaluation of turbine designs including LCOE, aerodynamic performance, structural efficiency and loads using our Bladed and Turbine.Architect tools. Over the years, we have successfully created blade designs ranging from several meters to a hundred meters.

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DNV GL’s Project FORCE (FOr Reduced Cost of Energy) identifies cost of energy savings of at least 10% that can be achieved by the integration of four market-ready technologies – all of which could be realized in the next few years.


Advanced modelling tool and expert support help you answer difficult design and cost questions regarding your wind turbine, component or farm.


Bladed wind turbine simulation tool is key for optimizing your turbine at every phase of its design.

Tidal Bladed

Focused on ensuring design reliability and survivability, Tidal bladed is the only validated, industry-standard tool for simulating tidal turbines at the design stage.

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