Contract services for offshore projects

We help to identify errors and design weaknesses early on, helping to minimise the cost of fixing them later.

Getting things right the first time is key for a succesful offshore drilling or mobile production unit building project. Today’s pressure on prices leaves no room for design modifications at a later stage.

It goes without saying that the best stage at which to correct errors is before a Final Investment Decision (FID). This is precisely the thinking behind DNV GL’s pre-contract services. We offer valuable insights into key challenges and significantly reduce the downside risk in projects already undergoing concept and design studies.

Our offshore pre-contract services are based on extensive experience from other projects. Our experts help ensure that your newbuilding project is developed correctly and consistently, and that it complies with all the relevant rules and standards.

This service  can include a review of the design brief, ensuring consistency of the design and compliance with the applicable class notations and relevant project-specific requirements.

In addition, we can evaluate the design’s overall structural strength. If needed, we can also provide further details in a review of the main scantling drawings with respect to nominal plate thickness, stiffener and girder dimensions, and the grade of material.

Rely on our offshore pre-contract services to help ensure a positive outcome of your investment:

  • Profit from the early detection of critical aspects or errors to ensure your project is completed on time and within budget
  • Benefit from a smooth, comprehensive approach that is tailored to support your needs

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David G McKay

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