Oil and gas

Corrosion, cracking and fatigue


Assessment, mitigation and remediation

We offer expertise to address all aspects of managing asset degradation.

  • Assessment
  • Monitoring
  • Mitigation
  • Remediation

Our staff utilizes latest generation tools to assist in the assessment of conditions affecting the corrosion and corrosion control of structures, including AC/DC interference.  We offer advanced computer modeling of corrosion and cathodic protection systems and can analyze variables such as current density, surface potentials, potentials in the surrounding electrolyte, and electric/magnetic fields.

We can reliably assess and predict the performance of impressed current and sacrificial CP systems and review multiple design scenarios.  We can design CP systems to optimize  anode placement and current distribution and determine current requirements for adequate protection.

We maintain a highly skilled and experienced staff of materials scientists, engineers and API, ASNT and NACE-certified technicians all backed by one of the premier materials and corrosion technology centers in North America.

DNV GL played leading roles in the development of direct assessment (DA) processes and provides renowned experts in all areas of DA including ECDA, ICDA and SCCDA.

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Tara Podnar McMahan

Tara Podnar McMahan

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