Docking risk management

Docking Risk Management

We help you ensure your docking project scope is properly planned and efficiently executed, avoiding delays and cost overruns.

Vessel owners often experience challenges when it comes to docking projects like conversions and upgrades. The initial scope may often be underestimated, leading to significant delays which, in turn, cause cost overruns and disruption to your operations. 

We at DNV GL help you to be in control of your project, therefore reducing any unnecessary delays and avoiding additional costs. 

Our docking risk management service is tailored to support vessel owners and operators in ensuring your major dockings are executed in the most timely and cost-efficient way.

Our service focuses on minimising the effects of unplanned events in all aspects of the docking process:

  • We help you to establish an overview of the critical tasks of your docking
  • Establish a better understanding of the project dependencies and critical path
  • Identify, assess and manage the risks related to your docking project

We also provide monitoring and decision-making support – for any ship, MOU or rig. Structured and efficient reporting and communication principles are part of our approach, along with an efficient risk management tool giving web access to information for both owners and yards. 

Let our in-depth competence in major docking projects benefit you:

  • Reduced off-hire 
  • Reduce costs from running over budget
  • Profit from a wider range of technical expert advice and support for smart decision-making
  • Strengthen your negotiating position with the yard and reduce unwanted surprises in docking 
  • Improved dialogue with the yard through DNV GL, increasing efficiency in project completion

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Simon Mockler

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