Environmental Class Notations

Environmental Product Declarations

The Clean and Clean Design for new vessels is proof of voluntary compliance with additional Pollution Prevention measures and upcoming Environmental Regulations.

Due to the demand for proof of greener shipping, you as a shipowner want documentation that shows your newbuilding meets the current and future standards of environmentally friendly design. Show that you go above and beyond the applicable environmental legislative worldwide standards for shipping. This not only boosts your image, but also gives you even better conditions for chartering and leading negotiations with customers.

Environmental Protection

Clean notation shows compliance with all mandatory MARPPOL requirements regardless of any exemption granted by a flag state administration. In addition, it contains additional requirements to prevent oil pollution. It also requires a vessel to have improved technical and management procedures to reduce discharges to sea and emissions to air.

Clean Design contains all Clean notation requirements plus additional Constructional and Design requirements such as stricter oily tank protection, installation of 5ppm oily bilge separator and alarm, installation of approved ballast water treatment system. Clean Design also requires Compliance with Hong Kong Convention for Ship Recycling.

Vessels having Clean or Clean Design notation plus certified engines for IMO Tier III, will be assigned with Clean (Tier III) or Clean (Design Tier III) notations to let he ship owners profile their greener ships.

Take advantage of DNV GL’s Clean and Clean Design notation:

  • Documents your commitment through an independent third party to providing environmentally friendly ship – your key differentiator in a highly competitive market
  • It is future-proof, allowing you to reduce the environmental impact of your new ships beyond the requirements of relevant regulations
  • Regular updates take into account updated mandatory regulations and to reflect expected future regulatory requirements
  • Increases your ship’s reselling capability, as there is a strong demand on the market for greener ships

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