Oil and gas

Failure response


When failures occur

Immediate failure response with a broad base of supporting services 

Our expert staff is noted for its rapid response capabilities with the ability to be on location accompanied by a range of failure support services.

  • First responder consultation
  • Onsite / In-the-ditch failure investigation
  • Field metallography
  • Non-destructive examination
    - magnetic particle inspection
    - dye penetrant testing
    - ultrasonic testing
    - hardness testing
    - soil and solids/liquid collection and analysis
  • Evidence preservation, retention, documentation
  • Chain of custody
  • Root cause analysis (RCA)

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Dr. David Norfleet, P.E.

Dr. David Norfleet, P.E.

Head of Section - Incident investigation


855.DNV.CALL (368.2255)

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