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In-line inspection (ILI) support


Trusted, transparent 3rd party expertise

Taking receipt of the ILI’s final report starts a response process that will often be a burden on the operator’s integrity staff.  DNV GL maintains a staff of ILI specialists intimate with ILI technologies, operations, and analysis.
Our experience and understanding of pipeline operations, engineering, codes and industry best-practice can be used to ensure integrity program efficiency, reliability, breadth and compliance.

  • ILI vendor interface before, during and after ILI runs
  • ILI systems audits, qualification, verification, and run validation
  • Run comparisons (including signal reviews) for defect growth and trending to identify:
    - Significant integrity threats
    - Data inconsistencies
    - Statistically active corrosion (SAC)
  • Remediation planning, prioritization and dig optimization
    - Pig-and-dig programs
    - Probability of exceedance (POE)
    - Remedial documentation
  • Data alignment, mining, interpretation
  • Remaining life / Time-to-failure calculations for various threats to include:
    - Corrosion
    - SCC
    - Non-SCC pipe body cracks
    - Seamweld defects
    - Mechanical damage

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Matthew Ellinger

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