Offshore condition monitoring


Our offshore CM is an alternative to traditional surveys, based on system condition, not time or running hours.

Performing maintenance based on fixed-time intervals requires, in many cases, unnecessary opening and may even be a source of additional wear or failures caused by human error.

By introducing condition-based monitoring by DNV GL on select functions, you can manage your maintenance activities based on the actual condition of the equipment.

This alternative survey arrangement covers:

  • Vibration analysis
  • Oil analysis
  • ISO 17359, ISO 18436, TAP 416 and DNV-OSS-101 standards

With our offshore condition monitoring service, you can profit from better planning and more efficient maintenance – ensuring higher availability of your offshore unit.

DNV GL is your reputable, reliable partner for offshore condition monitoring, providing you with:

  • Cost-efficient maintenance based on actual vessel condition
  • More optimal maintenance planning for higher availability
  • Improved reliability and availability of equipment and systems
  • The collection of accurate system condition data

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Joar Håland

Joar Håland

Principal Engineer, Offshore Classification – In-service Development

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