ProSustain Standard

DNV Business Assurance’ ProSustain standard helps organizations assess, improve and communicate their commitment to product sustainability. It enables tangible and cost-effective improvement of a product’s sustainability performance.

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Measure and demonstrate product sustainability

Consumers increasingly expect organizations to demonstrate their commitment to continually improving the sustainability performance of their products and deliver tangible results. To succeed, organizations must be able to understand and manage their products’ environmental, social and economic performance.

ProSustain promotes the adoption of responsible and cost effective measures for incorporating sustainability into product design, development, production and supply chain management.

What is ProSustain?

The ProSustain standard is based on a robust, yet practical, approach to measure and improve a product’s sustainability. The standard is aligned with the objectives and principles of internationally recognized standards relating to environmental, social and economic aspects of products, traceability and sustainability communications.

ProSustain enables organizations to measure, improve and demonstrate the sustainability performance of their products. Certification to this standard provides recognition for both the sustainability management efforts of companies and the performance of their products.

ProSustain is a DNV standard. It was developed in partnership with leading industry organizations to establish a credible, objective and transparent approach to assessing and communicating the sustainability performance of products. It takes into consideration  a wide range of environmental, social and economic impacts arising in the course of a product’s lifecycle.

How can ProSustain benefit your products?

ProSustain helps organizations ensure the success of their products by:

  • Continually improving the sustainability performance of the products
  • Managing environmental, social and economic risks of the products
  • Adopting cost-effective product design, development, production and supply chain strategies
  • Measuring and quantifying sustainability performance
  • Differentiating their products from those of competitors
  • Demonstrating commitment to sustainability
  • Building trust in products and demonstrating transparency
  • Enhancing brand and reputation
To improve the sustainability performance of products, organizations have to rely on collaboration with their supply chain partners. ProSustain will enable organizations to:  
  • Better understand supply chain risks and opportunities
  • Increase visibility and transparency in supply chains
  • Have greater influence and control over suppliers
  • Ensure the traceability of materials and products
  • Increase the quality and reliability of products
  • More effective response in the event of supply chain incidents
The methodologies and tools which provide the basis for ProSustain have been tested on several products, as well as being verified and endorsed by independent parties, non-governmental organizations and academic institutions.​