The cutting-edge software tool that evaluates container lashing conditions in compliance with GL rules for container stowage and lashing.

To ensure your container lashing meets GL’s strict requirements for safe sea transport, we have developed StowLash software. Simply enter a few parameters and this intelligent tool determines the strength of the container lashing system for stacks at each position of the ship.

The graphical user interface is similar to our well-acknowledged POSEIDON hull design software. It has been designed to be as easy as possible to use – to ensure high efficiency when calculating the entire score of container stacks. All stacks are conveniently stored and managed within one file. Single stacks are calculated as being connected by twistlocks. However, alternatively, block stowage can also be evaluated, although without side supports.

Your benefits with StowLash

  • Highly sophisticated and reliable acceleration assumptions – quickly and easily
  • Easy-to-understand graphical interface, with results also shown in tabular form
  • Option to create report for detailed documentation of the calculated stacks
  • An automatic updater provides convenient installation of further releases
  • As it is part of the classification rules, the software is free of charge

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For integration into third-party lashing software, an SDK can be provided free of charge upon request – please contact

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Daniel Abt

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