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Strength Fatigue

For structures with a complex geometry, we employ FEA to provide more accurate results, optimise the design and reduce testing.

Costly testing and verification, complex geometries, design improvements and troubleshooting are challenging – especially if you do not have the necessary expertise, experience and tools.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is the best tool for predicting static and dynamic responses, such as stresses, strains and displacements, in complex structures, such as propellers, gearing wheels, couplings, shafts and turbo machinery.

That’s why we leverage FEA to provide reliable advice on:

  • Design and design optimisation
  • Design verification
  • Troubleshooting and damage investigation

We utilise a diverse range of advanced Finite Element software to provide comprehensive results. These include ANSYS, IDEAS, ABAQUS and SESAM – giving us the ability and expertise to perform linear and non-linear stress analyses in static or dynamic conditions.

Our Finite Element dynamic analysis includes axial, lateral and torsional vibration analyses, enabling us to provide root cause analysis and a comprehensive service. Thanks to our extensive knowledge base, we know which calculations to perform and how to interpret these for a reliable solution.

We also offer physical tests performed in our own metallurgical laboratory to verify the material data and investigate the root cause of failure modes.

Rely on DNV GL to test and verify your complex structures:

  • Extensive experience of and expertise in conducting strength analysis and fatigue analysis on complex machinery structures using FEA
  • Substantial in-house multidisciplinary technical knowledge and experience, which are of major importance for obtaining reliable results
  • Book our services as a complete package or separately, giving you more flexibility
  • Ensure reduced maintenance and more operating hours
  • Gain a quick, easy overview of the trouble areas and reliable recommendations from experts

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