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Workplace Safety Violence Assessment & Training Services

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Workplace Safety Violence preparedness creates the ability to recognize potential threats before they happen, and recognize risk factors that may lead individuals to commit a violent attack.

Today’s security and preparedness challenges are complex due to the dangerous and complex threats facing our Nation, where we work, where we learn, where we serve, where we worship, and where we play. What used to be “safe” locations are no longer free of violence from armed assailants. The security and readiness landscapes have grown equally complex as organizations navigate the almost overwhelming number of security and preparedness technologies, processes, emergency planning, regulations, laws, and training designed to mitigate the threat.

Developing comprehensive plans for awareness, preparedness, response, and recovery are now necessary and, in many cases, becoming mandatory. There should never be a reason for anyone to be afraid to go to school, work, a house of worship, or an entertainment venue. Preparedness reviews and DNV GL's education and training, will provide the knowledge and confidence, at an individual and organizational level, to be prepared should an ordinary day turn extraordinary.

If an active threat occurs in your workplace, your preparation is vital to your safety. The average time it takes for first responders to respond to an active shooter event is 6-8 minutes. 60% of active shooter incidents are over before law enforcement arrives.

Workplace Safety Violence Assessment & Training Services

  • Face to Face Training 
    • Seminar
    • Scenario-Based Training
    • Tabletop Exercise
  • Assessment 
  • Implementation
  • Online Training 

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DNV GL now offers Workplace Safety Violence Assessment & Training Services that will help your organization be prepared in the event of an active threat situation. Please contact us to find out the different training, assessment and implementation offerings we have for your organization. 

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