Vibration assessment - risers and pipelines Training

Held at our Katy, Texas location

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Aravind Nair Aravind Nair
Senior Engineer
vibration assessment

Training Information

  • Date:

    October 12, 2016

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    DNV GL, 1400 Ravello Drive, Katy TX 77449

This course deals with both Freespan pipeline and Riser vibrations, starting from introductory concept level discussion to more advanced hands-on calculations. 

Course Objective
To provide trainees with good understanding of the phenomenon of VIV as well as the approach to estimate fatigue damage due to VIV.

Course Features
Concept behind Riser and Free span Vibration
       - Physics behind VIV
       - Fatigue due to VIV
       - Pipeline and Riser VIV
       - Flow Based Models, Force Based Models and Empirical Models
•    Free Span VIV (Empirical Model)
     - Free Span VIV Theory and Hand-Calculation (DNV RP F105)
     - The trainees will work through 1 problem
     - Assessment using FatFree exercise- hands on exercise
     - Same problem as solved by hand; and
     - More complex VIV example for use with FatFree
•    Riser VIV (Force Based Models)
      - Experiments and application
      - Parameters that influence riser VIV
•    CFD (Flow Based Model)
     - Introduction and Application

Who should attend
The course is designed for engineers and managers interested in knowing more on the concepts of vibration. The course is applicable for new engineers as well as experienced engineers as the modules are set to include worked example problems.

Available dates and venues

Houston, Texas
October 12, 2016
9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Please respond no later than October 10, 2016

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